Curiosity Connection™ is an exciting Pennsylvania themed hands-on play environment where children ages 1 - 5 and their families can
play, discover and learn together.

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Children need to play. Play encourages creative thinking, problem solving, pre-academic skills, language development, social interaction and motor development. These important skills enhance self esteem, prepare children for school and beyond, and are further enriched when grown-ups join in the fun. So let your child take the lead and have a great time!

Suggested Play Scenarios

In Curiosity Connection young children can embark on any number of adventures in a safe, clean, imaginative play environment representing Pennsylvania landscape, people, and wildlife.


Living Forest: A multi-sensory forest allows children to discover Pennsylvania wildlife during the day and night.

Industry and Transportation Zone:
A miniature vehicle assembly line allows children the opportunity to build a
variety of trucks.

Farmland: An interactive garden including apple trees and a child-sized farm truck provide children the opportunity to experience a day on
the farm.

Construction Zone: Imagination
and a variety of building materials allow children and adults to create unique structures.

Art Wall: An erasable glass wall, colorful vinyl forms, and special markers allow young artists to create unusual works of art.

Infant Zone: A safe corner for our youngest visitors, includes multi-sensory toys for children under 1.

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