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Chairs from the Collection of The State Museum:

This exhibit features a variety of chairs from the museum’s collection including large and small, plain and fancy and practical and whimsical. It mirrors the depth of other collections in the museum’s holdings, and represents the diversity of Pennsylvania, its artisans and cultures over the past 300 years. On exhibit through Sunday, April 27.

The Doshi Gallery at The State Museum of Pennsylvania:

The Susquehanna Art Museum presents its latest Doshi Gallery exhibit at The State Museum, “Lost World/Found World.” Artists have long delighted in the “lost and found” whether it is through a line, color or a concept. Both abstract and representational, this body of work can be associated with exodus and arrival, searching and awakening and beholding a new reality. Visitors are invited to seek out the lost and show what they’ve found. On exhibit through Sunday, June 1.

The Fine Art Of Giving: Gifts Of Art To The State Museum Of Pennsylvania 1998-2008

A selection of 85 paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, and crafts, selected from the more than 400 gifts of art received between 1998 and 2008, is exhibited at The State Museum. Donations of are reviewed and approved by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's Collections Committee and the Executive Director before acceptance into the permanent collection. Considerations include, but are not limited to: aesthetic and historic importance, relationship to Pennsylvania history, storage availability, physical condition, conservation cost, and/or anticipated future exhibition or educational use.

A tradition of giving by ordinary citizens, begun more than 150 years ago, has formed a collection of important Pennsylvania art. By 1850, donated paintings, prints and sculptures were being displayed in the then new State Capitol in Harrisburg. In 1905, when The State Museum was created, those early gifts of art became the core of the Museum's art collection. Although The State Museum does not receive a state allocation for the purchase of fine art, today the collection includes 7000 works, dating from 1650 to the present.

The mission of the Art Collection at The State Museum of Pennsylvania is: to collect, interpret and preserve art, created by Pennsylvania artists, or artists who greatly influence the arts in Pennsylvania, or of which the subject has a direct connection to the State's history and culture.

Through this exhibition, The State Museum gratefully recognizes the donors of the past decade, whose gifts will benefit generations to come.

Located in the 1st Floor Gallery space


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