The Dunkleosteus "denizen of the deep" exhibit in Paleontology.

Explore the history and diversity of life on earth in the Hall of Paleontology and Geology. Take a walk through geologic time and discover the some of the life forms that once lived in Pennsylvania millions of years ago.

Highlights include the large prehistoric armored fish Dunkleosteus “the denizen of the deep” which terrorized the seas of Ohio and Pennsylvania 367 million years ago. Wander through the Carboniferous Forest and see the plants and animals of the “Pennsylvanian Period” (310 million years ago) that made our state so famous. During your visit, you can also witness the excavation of a real dinosaur skeleton by our technicians in our interactive exhibit Dino Lab. The recently remounted mastodon will move to it's permanent home in the newly renovated gallery space on the third floor in early 2011.

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